Top Fives


Name Score
Bradley Gibson 418
Josh Smallwood 410
Tom Bolling 406
Rick Taylor 401
Jay Tompkins 396


Name Score
Jay Tompkins 377
Josh Smallwood 375
Bradley Gibson 372
Tom Bolling 366
Jeff LeBlanc 362


Name Score
Bradley Gibson 46
Rick Taylor 45
Tom Bolling 40
Christian Blevins 38
Gary Meggs 38

Atlanta Skeet Shooting League



A big welcome goes out to all the new and returning shooters who have joined us for the spring league. We are off to a great start! For those who may still want to join in the fun, it is not to late! Please make plans to join us Tuesday 04/05/16.

Shooting starts at 6pm!

To let us know you're interested or for more information email

Skeet and Trap Shooters, come join the Tuesday Night Skeet and Trap League. We shoot every Tuesday night, 6pm, at the Tom Lowe Shooting Grounds. The league is a great for beginners and experienced clay shooters. League tokens for rounds are offered at a discounted rate. Teams will be matched up each week each shooter will shoot two rounds of 25 birds. Scores are handicapped so any level shooter will feel comfortable. Completeing each season raw scores and handicapped scores are totaled for various awards to be given at the league banquet.
League includes:
  • Discounted Rounds
  • 11 Weeks of Shooting
  • 1 Fun Shoot
  • League Banquet
  • Awards for:
    • Teams
    • High Overall
    • High Skeet
    • High Trap
    • Ladies Champion
    • Junior Champion

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